20 Years On — 9/11/01–21

Picasso peace dove

September 11, 2001’s anniversary has provided the broadcast industry an opportunity to renew, refresh, rejustify, reestablish, and reinstall the national post traumatic distorted reality, stress and they psychosis that led to 20 years of bombing other nations into unimaginable trauma, killing millions in an effort to abate the pain.

Let me be clear. There is great power and healing in telling your story, in being heard, in being in community with others in shared experiences, even if the individuals had different circumstances or specifics.

It is to be in a shower of fierce grace to witness truth-telling, and to be telling your own truth.

It is the fierce grace that cuts away the insanity of the false, the limited, the re-inflicting pain.

Fierce grace sets you free. It cauterizes the wound to stop the spread and reinfection.

The event is whatever it was. The trauma is the story, definitions, meanings, extrapolations, projections into the future — the in-fection of projecting loss over and over until it is the only possibility, which is a lie.

The terrain of grief, shock and trauma are all knowable, just like you can learn and get to know about an area, or natural geography. There are guides and people who have devoted their time and resources to becoming the Sherpas of the psychy.

Media takes up no such responsibility.

It gladly thrives on millions of dollars of advertising dollars, while steadfastly pretending advertising is information or freedom of speech, when advertisers know and have known for decades that it is social programming, social engineering.

The 24 hour new cycle, the nightly news show born out of the Iranian Hostage crisis, the “information” crawl at the bottom of the TV screen are all avenues of profit born out of the traumatic/addiction for “more information,” when in truth, it’s simply repetative conjecture, speculation, ad-hock or worse, crafted — as in leading — interpretations = programming the public in specific, desensitizing, pro-militarizing everyday life.

All this set the stage for a local buffoon of a ratings booster, a shill and a con that people had laughed at since the 1980s and the first time he whined and cried over “going broke” and filing his first bankruptcy, to bleed out into the rest of the country, attracting other unhinged, made insane by the media’s abuse of power to engage in random, self-interest social engineering, instead of but in the name of serving the community.

The open floodgates of lies feeding and cultivating the homegrown terrorists, homicidal, fact deniers in completely in the hands of those who have profited from the national trauma of 9/11.

Rumsfeld, who gladly purchased and happily lived in Mount Misery, the home of a white man hired to break the spirits of slaves, to make them docile for their masters, and who was hired to break the great American, Fredrick Douglass. He tried for a year but could not do it. We are blessed with the account the Fredrick Douglass wrote himself. But Rumsfeld wanted to live in that man’s house, in that place known for its atrocities.

And Chaney, who legitimized torture, and convinced a scared population of the lie that torture works, when it has been proven over and over to never work. It simply causes trauma, and feeds fear and sadistic righteousness in the people who carry it out, who are by definition, out of their minds to participate and perpetrate that kind of pain on others.

Bush who was Commander In Chief, and promoted all this and worse.

He convinced the nation that the only way we could contribute was to go to the store and buy shit. Other than rats feeding the corporate greed, we had nothing of use to offer in the situation.

That right there is so invalidating, of people and Life, that it is crazy making.

The proliferation of “security” companies, privatization of black-ops outfits, ungoverned by laws and reason, and because they are profitable, not governed.

A unbridled militarization of police forces across the nation, and at the same time, the military grade weapons of destruction available to all frightened people, no training — mechanical or psychological — required. Just dumb money.

The news, once a neutral voice based on the consensus values of the group, society, then harnesses and manipulated to be a profit center (addiction — a whole that is not fillible) was then highjacked to proliferate people’s fears and insecurities, and justifying why and how to be more insecure and fearful, while forever talking about security.

More security measures = obstructing normal activities to give the pretense of security but really underscoring and reminding you in every moment how not secure you truly are, and how you never can be secure again.

I worked at the IRS when 9/11 happened.

The 9 months I had worked there were constant lessons in obstruction and how unsecure you were, and not to trust anyone around you, coworker, supervisor, or manager.

In those days you didn’t have to sign on to things all the time, but at work, you had to have many passwords and you had to use passwords whenever you went to a new screen to help the taxpayer over and over again. There was not a flow of work, but a flow of obstructions with some allowance for actual work in between.

Key stroke monitoring was unheard of. Having your information harvested was a suspicious and nefarious thing — not the matter-of-course “right” because we didn’t have a law against it, of “social media,” and now all corporations.

Travelers having to take their shoes off to get through airport security did nothing to make us more secure. However, the psychological impact of such and intrusion and inconvenience sent the message that “they were doing everything in their power to keep us safe,” ignoring the fact that it never could. That was a 5K reaction to a 1 oz, one-time threat.

All the inconveniences society has undergone in the name of 9/11 and security has rendered the culture insane.

If all the talking heads spouting speculation and opinion without adequate factual information, crystal ball predicting future traumas, unending unknown, hidden and indefensible threats; if they would stop get their own PTSD treated instead of speeding their PTSD rat-brain ideas, repetitive thinking, and supposed cleverness, that would stop the restimulation of the national PTSD and people could start going sane again.

Of course I feel for all the individuals, the people who were there, the unmentioned thousands who did not die that day, but have had tremendous survivors guilt along with the other forms of PTSD. The human loss is palpable and honorable.

How we have all had our peace-time culture and personal emotions harvested for profit is not honorable in any way.

Ridiculously aware of energy, highly curious, with a thing for freedom, I facilitate others to save the world by being more themselves. delia@deliayeager.net